Quick & Simple
Quick & Simple
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Been putting off getting your website built because it’s just too damn hard and too damn expensive?

But what if you could get yourself a well-designed website up and online within a couple of weeks and it doesn’t cost bucketloads?

Hello small business owners!

I know you’ve got a great business going on and you’re slowly getting through your checklist of all the things you know you need to really get this thing going. Maybe you’ve got your social media channels sorted, got yourself a logo and maybe you’ve even got your domain name purchased.

But getting the website organised, well that’s a whole other kettle of fish!

And I know, I get it. I’ve had heaps of clients talk about how overwhelming it all feels to even get started on their website.

I know that when you’re a small business,

you tend to do everything yourself. You’ve probably even contemplated building your own website. How hard can it be? Right? But then you land smack bang in the middle of internet overload.


  • Do I use wordpress, squarespace, Wix, or something else?
  • I’ve heard WordPress is hard to learn? Is that true?
  • And someone else told me not to go near Wix. Why is that?
  • And how does the hosting work? Do they give me the software to build my site?
  • How do I even download the software?

You start to think that this is going to take you forever to do.

Meanwhile your actual business, you know the one that makes you money, is still sitting in the wings with mounting to-do tasks and clients to get back to.

You’re not ready to fork out a million bucks for a top of the line website just yet.
You really just want a decent, well-designed but simple website up online for now.

Is that too much to ask?!

Imagine if you had…..

A website up and live on the interwebs that is well designed and has all the right prompts and calls to action to convert your customers.

A site that works great on mobile and tablets.

A website that looks great and has your logo and branding colours.

A place where your customers can see your professionalism and expertise all packaged in an easy to use platform.

A website that is easy for you to log in and make changes or upload new blog articles without tearing your hair out.

A website backend that makes it easy for you to track and monitor your search engine visibility.

Someone who cares and has a process all mapped out for you to make it simple. Be gone internet overwhelm!

If you want a swell new website up and running so you can get on with building your own business, then my Quick and Simple website package is for you.

See what my clients say

“Amanda was incredibly helpful and easy to work with when designing and developing my website. For those of us who are technically challenged, Amanda doesn’t at all make you feel like you’re asking silly questions, and her training and resources are super easy to follow and really useful….”
Lisa Delfante

“Amanda is highly professional and proficient which made developing and executing a new website for my art gallery Kolbusz Space simple. The results were more exciting than I had hoped for and using and maintaining my website is a joy. I highly recommend Swell Design Space.”
Waldemar Kolbusz

Here’s what you get.

Getting Started Meeting

To go through the process.


Choice of website template inc. the build

All templates include Homepage, About, Services, Blog & Contact
Built with WordPress.

See the juicy details

The Detail

  • Template fonts, headings, logo, colour palette and imagery are replaced to follow your own branding and style and your own content is inserted.
  • Standard contact form and set up of google recaptcha to reduce spam.
  • Template includes a designed 404 and search results page instead of the default WordPress ones.
  • Basic Privacy Policy page.
  • Install of additional plugins
    – Wordfence – top WordPress security plugin
    – Updraft Plus – top backups plugin
    – Siteground Optimizer plugin – top optimisation plugin to increase site speed and overall performance.
  • Hosting to be with Siteground – cost not included
  • Coming Soon page at your domain during the build.

Seo Fundamentals

Set up top seo plugin that includes schema markup which makes your site easier for search engines to crawl. Install, with on-page seo completed for homepage only.

Set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and link to your website. 


Divi Theme

My templates are built with an easy to use theme framework that makes editing and updating your website easy.


Coming Soon Page

Basic coming soon page with your email and phone number up on your domain until the site is ready.

Free of charge

Access to dedicated client portal and training videos

Free of charge

Your investment : $1,500 (plus gst)

Your reward … a fabulous website with all the best practice basics!

One of the great things about this package

is that when you’re ready to expand, you can! WordPress is so flexible that you can add more to your site as your business grows.

Need to add more pages?

No problem! 

Need a more complex form?

Sure thing! 

Need to link up to your email marketing?

Easy peasy!

Ready for a shop?

Let me add one for you!

“But Amanda, I want to add some of these things straight away!”

First of all, I say, ‘you’re a feisty one aint ya?’.
And then I say, not a problem! I can quote you on adding some extra features to this package so you can hit the ground running.

Ready for action? Here’s what we’ll work on together when you sign on to the Quick & Simple!


Getting Started


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The first thing we’ll do is schedule our ‘getting started’ phone meeting. During this call I’ll talk you through the process and show you the project documentation that we’ll be using to collect all the things I’ll need from you to build your site and we can go through any questions you have so that you feel comfortable, and informed.


Hosting & Building


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Once you’ve completed the homework I’ve given you and you’ve provided me with all your written content and imagery, then I’ll get stuck into building your website. I’ll use the template you’ve chosen and build it straight onto your domain at your Siteground web hosting which you will have purchased as part of your homework. I’ll go through and put in your logo, brand colours, content, fonts and imagery.


Check Over & Launch


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I’ll then give you the link to view so that you can check everything and make sure it’s as it should be. Once you’re happy and give me the go ahead, I’ll remove the Coming Soon page and your website will be LIVE!!!


Training & Handover


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After the champagne has been popped and sipped, I’ll send you a link to my training video tailored specifically to your template so you can learn how to update and use your website. The training gives you the basics of how to edit your website and gives you a quick tour of your seo plugin so that you can then enter your page keywords to get your seo juice flowing. If you need more help with training, we can book in a session at my hourly rate.

This is for people who…

Want a quick website up and running but without sacrificing technical and designery knowhow.

Are happy to use a premade-by-me template and understand that it will be transformed as it is, into your brand colours, text, font and imagery. I’m happy to do some custom coding, but it will be at additional charge. Just ask me if you think you might want some.

Are prepared to do a little work. They understand that this is an investment in their business and some effort on their part is required. You will have tasks to complete including purchasing your hosting plan and providing me with all the content for your site. (text, images, logo files etc). But don’t worry, I’m here to answer any questions during the process.

Want a website that is well-designed and is built on best practice when it comes to user experience, design aesthetics, seo and site structure.

Love a friendly chat!

I’m not the best fit for people who…

Aren’t prepared to work with me to get the desired result which is a great website.

Like their websites safe, bland and boring.

Don’t understand work / life balance. I do not work weekends or late into the night. C’mon, I need my shut eye.

Still have questions? 

Will I be able to rank first page on google with this website?

I will set you up with the best foundation for your seo so your website has the best chance of increasing it’s ranking over time. But if you want to get to that coveted first few spots on the google search results, then you’ll need to put in a lot of effort or engage an seo expert to do it for you.

This package include the install of a highly rated seo plugin so that you can input your keywords and monitor the progress. Rank Math is my seo plugin of choice because it automatically includes schema markup which is one of the more recent innovations in seo.

If you want your seo to have more impact, then I would suggest setting up Google Search Console and linking it to Rank Math which gives you even more power to monitor and continually improve your seo. I can do this for you at additional cost.

There are a bunch of other considerations which contribute to good seo and you can read about them in this blog article.

Do you write the content for my website?

No, I wont be writing the content for your website. Because this package is a template website, you’ll be able to see straight up how your content might look. This will guide you as to how much and what kind of content to write. 

If you want to be exceptionally clever, then I always recommend to my clients that they engage a copywriter if possible. Having well written copy on your website, that speaks to your potential customers goes a long way towards brand consistency, professionalism, trust and ultimately getting your customers to buy from you.

Can you link to my emarketing provider?

Yes, I can link your subscriber form to your emarketing provider for an additional cost. 

I have no idea how to get access to my domain. Can you sort that for me

Sure. I can definitely point you in the right direction.

And if you need more help that that, then I can definitely take that on for you add an additional cost. Please contact me for a quote. 

What if I don’t have photos?

It is challenging to build an engaging website without photos and my first recommendation would be to invest in a branding photoshoot with a good photographer. You will end up with a heap of professional photos that reflect your brand, that you can use on the website and in your social media.

I try to avoid using stock photos of people at all costs as it’s almost always immediately noticeable whereas, having authentic imagery of you and your business gives a sense of trust that you just can’t get with stock photos.

How long will it take?

This package is designed to get you online pretty quickly.

It will depend on how my packed my schedule is and on how quickly you can get your content organised and this sometimes involves organising a photo shoot or engaging a copy writer.

What’s a plugin?

A plugin is simply a piece of software that has been built (coded) to work with the WordPress system. Each plugin is created to do a specific thing or set of things. WordPress is a robust framework upon which to build a website, but it can’t do everything out of the box. No website platform can because everyone has different needs.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call with me to see if we’re a good fit. I’m happy to answer your questions.


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