New Clients
New Clients

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Kickoff & Planning


Project Kickoff Meeting


Sign up to ClickUp


Send Google Account email to Amanda


Set up Google Drive & invite client to share the drive


Get aquainted with the project documents in the google drive

 Design Phase

Create site architecture & content plan for the homepage

Approve site architecture & homepage content plan

Collect and upload all homepage content to the Google Drive

Design homepage

Provide feedback on homepage design

Revisions – first round

Provide feedback on revised homepage design

Revisions – second/final round

Approve homepage design

Other pages designed following the same process

Create content plan for page/s to be designed

Approve content plan for page/s to be designed

Collect and upload all page/s content to the Google Drive

Design page/s

Provide feedback on page design/s

Revisions – first round

Provide feedback on revised page design/s

Revisions – second round

Page design/s approved

All pages designed – Desktop / fullwidth version

Build Finished

Back end building finished
(forms, spam protection, auto responders, third party plugins, emarketing link up, 404 & search pages)

Design tablet and phone layouts for all pages

Client check, feedback & approve

Fine tuning, testing & Launch

Fine tuning & browser testing

Hosting purchased

Client check, feedback & approve

Launch onto client’s hosting

Link up Google Analytics & Search Console

Client training

So what do I believe?

I believe in finding that sweet spot where great user experience meets great design.

I believe in searching for the right solution for the client each time.

I believe in helping clients learn about their website to empower them to look after it. 

If you like the sound of what I believe, then why not book a free discovery call with me?


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