Monthly Maintenance Plan

Who’s looking after your website?

Websites need some tender loving care too!

Websites need some tender loving care to keep them in tip top shape. Having someone build you a website and then to abandon it into the big and scary world wide web all on its own is not only cruel, but kinda counter-productive.

You see, if you don’t give your website some love, you’re increasing your website’s susceptibility to being hacked and no one’s got time for that.

This monthly maintenance plan is available to all my clients who build a website with me.  Because I built your website, it’s easy for me to look after it and keep it in good shape. 

How Does It Work?


Each week I check that all three three levels of backups are functioning, two of which I have set up for you.

The updraft Plus plugin send backups to my cloud storage.
I back up these files to my own external hard drive.
If you’re hosting with Siteground, then you’ll have daily backups to Siteground’s servers.

Updates & Security Checks

Every good plugin and theme will need updates to ensure it stays up to date with the latest WordPress software. Each week I check for any needed updates for your Divi theme, your plugins and for WordPress itself, and action them.

I use the Wordfence plugin to keep my sites secure and to protect from brute force attacks. Each week I check the Wordfence reports to make sure your website is secure and action any items that Wordfence requests.


Included Work

I include 30 minutes of basic web updates as a thank you for signing up to maintenance plan.

Clients have used this for adding new photos to a gallery, updating some content or adding some pdf links.

Why sign on to the maintenance plan?

Because you get …

Peace of mind, knowing someone is monitoring your website for you.

Reduced susceptability to hacking and viruses.

A web dev who cares enough to offer free work as a token of appreciation.

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