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Woman in victorian style dress saying, 'Oh yes, how lovely' about the website package.

What if you could have a website that has your customers going gangbusters for your business AND ticks all the right boxes?


Great design


Seo ready


Great user experience


Links to your emarketing


Works beautifully with phones & tablets


Speaks to your customers

If you’re a small business and you need a shiny new website, then read on my friend.


you’ve been down the digital agency path before and faced bloated fees and been passed from one person to another and felt overwhelmed by a seemingly complicated process that left you feeling like a cog in a sales machine.

Or maybe

you’ve gone the other route and bought a website template online thinking you’ll knock it out yourself, I mean, how hard can it be right? But before you can even start editing your theme you realise you have to set up hosting, and then a domain, (do I even have a domain, you think?) and install the damn website software (how does that work?) and then when something goes wrong with your new template you contact the seller but their response is nowhere to be seen.

Everything snowballs

into overwhelm and the whole thing gets chucked in the too hard basket.

You want a website built for you

but you would really prefer not to have to deal with overpriced agencies or sun-starved developers who only know how to speak in tech terms.

Or maybe

your current website company is now closing down and they built your website on their own custom web platform that no one else has heard of and now you can’t find anyone to update your website.

Or maybe

you know you need a website but you have soooooo many questions and don’t know where to start so you just don’t start at all.

  • What are the differences between platforms? WordPress, Wix, Squarespace!
  • How much should a website cost? Everyone has a different answer!
  • How can I find the right person to build my website, I’ve been screwed before!
  • Is this really the right investment? Am I going to actually make money from this?
  • It’s too hard. Honestly where do I get started?
  • And seriously WTF is SEO!

You just want a flipping website that is well designed, has strategically planned content and great user experience!

And would it be too much to ask to have someone build it who actually enjoys working with people, knows how to explain the tech and how to make the process smooth?

Someone who enjoys building relationships with people?

Imagine if you had…..

A website up and live on the interwebs that is beautifully designed and has all the right prompts and calls to action to convert your customers.

A site that works great on mobile and tablets.

A website that is customised to your business to target your audience.

A place where your customers can see your professionalism and expertise all packaged in an easy to use platform.

A website that is easy for you to log in and make changes or upload new blog articles without tearing your hair out.

Someone you can contact for quick updates on your website or to ask a question or get some advice on all things web.

A website backend that makes it easy for you to track and monitor your search engine visibility.

See what my clients say

“Amanda was incredibly helpful and easy to work with when designing and developing my website. For those of us who are technically challenged, Amanda doesn’t at all make you feel like you’re asking silly questions, and her training and resources are super easy to follow and really useful….”
Lisa Delfante

“Amanda is highly professional and proficient which made developing and executing a new website for my art gallery Kolbusz Space simple. The results were more exciting than I had hoped for and using and maintaining my website is a joy. I highly recommend Swell Design Space.”
Waldemar Kolbusz

So here’s what you get.


Inception Meeting

I take a detailed brief from you and you get to ask me a tonne of questions. I’ll also explain the whole process and show you the tools we’ll be using.  


Development of content plan and site architecture

Content plan maps out the content to go on each page with guidance on what to write/provide to make it easier for you to collect your content.


Design & Development of 5 page website

Home, About, Services, Blog & Contact
Built with WordPress and Divi.

See the juicy details

The Detail

  • Custom designed pages following your brand or style guide.
  • Standard subscribe form & set up link with your emarketing provider (ie: mailchimp, convertkit, Active Campagin etc)
    standard contact form and set up of google recaptcha
  • Custom designed 404 and search results page
  • Basic Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or Disclaimer.
  • Install & configurration of plugins
    – Security plugin – to monitor brute force attacks and site security.
    – Backups plugin – to take daily backups.
    – Siteground Optimizer plugin – top optimisation plugin to increase site speed and overall performance.
  • Best practice expertise on user experience, accessibility and seo.
  • Liaise with your hosting and domain provider to prepare for launch if you choose not to go with my preferred host.

    SEO Fundamentals

    Set up of top seo plugin (Rank Math) that includes schema markup which makes your site easier for search engines to crawl. Install, with on-page seo completed for homepage only.

    Set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and link to your website.


    Access to dedicated client portal and training videos


    Map and set up redirects from your old website to the new site.

    This is essential to maintain the seo quality of an existing site.


    Wordpress Training

    One hour training session where I’ll train you on how to use your website + you’ll receive a training manual customised for your website.  This is your baby, you’ll need to know how to use it!

    Your investment : $3,500 (plus gst)

    Your reward … an amazing website that is built upon strategic content planning and visual design, custom-made to speak to your audience.

    Here’s what we’ll work on together when you sign on to Swell Custom Design and Content.

    Phase 1

    Collect items and plan the website.


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    The first thing we’ll do is sit down together and go through ‘all the things’ so that I can build you a brilliant website. This will include discussing your requirements in detail, content, site architecture, hosting, domains, your style guide and colour palette. I’ll explain the process to you and show you the tools I like my clients to use to make communication and project management easy for everyone involved.

    Then I plan your site structure and begin the content plan, starting with the homepage and then the internal pages. All the while, you are following the checklist I’ve set up for you and are gallantly collecting all your content, your imagery, styleguide, logo files, and any relevant third party credentials.

    Phase 2

    Design and build the website.


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    I love this part! I get to dive in and use my expertise to create you a digital reflection of your business that caters to your customers and makes their life easier. I start with the homepage design and then after a couple of rounds of feedback, we move onto the internal pages. This part is also where I create designs that function and look great on phone and tablet.

    Phase 3

    Fine tune and test the website.


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    This is where I check that everything is working as it should. I test webforms, social media links, responsive design layouts, and any other site specific plugins or features we’ve added along the way.

    Phase 4

    Launch the website and training


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    We have lift off! The site has been shined and polished and everything is in tip top condition. This is where I move the site from its development environment and place it onto your hosting at your domain. This can be tricky, but I’ll manage the process for you and liaise with your hosting provider if necessary. Trust me, you’ll be glad to have me in your pocket.

    Once we’ve had a chance to breathe, it’s off to training boot camp! Ok, not really, but we will book an hour’s training session where I show you how to edit and use your website. Some clients prefer to do this before going live and that’s completely fine too.

    This is for people who…

    Understand the importance of a well designed, custom built website and trust that I’m the woman to make that happen.

    Are prepared to do some work. They understand that this is an investment in their business and that requires engagement and some work on your part. So you’ll be able to gather your written content and your images. I’ll help you find a good copywriter if you want to get someone else to write your content, or if you’re writing it yourself, you’ll have the content plan to follow. I also have photographers that I work with who can set you up with some great brand photography. In short, I will guide you, but I won’t do the work for you.

    Want a website design that is a little different from everyone else’s.

    Value good user experience because they know it means their customers will love using their website.

    Love a good chat and a great cup of coffee.

    I’m not the best fit for people who…

    Want a website up and running within a couple of weeks. A custom designed website takes more than 2 weeks to design and develop. Any designer or developer that tells you different is probably offering a template design and skipping the best practice. Or else, they’re clearly Wonder Woman.

    Aren’t prepared to work with me to get the desired result which is a great website that wont look like everyone else’s.

    Like their websites safe, bland and boring.

    Like to micromanage every part of the process. I need you to help me help you. That means I need you to trust me to do my job.

    Still have questions? 

    Are you going to set up my seo so I can rank first page on google?

    I will set you up with the best foundation for your seo so your website has the best chance of increasing it’s ranking over time. But if you want to get to that coveted first few spots on the google search results, then you’ll need to put in a lot of effort or engage an seo expert to do it for you.

    I always install a good seo plugin to lay the foundations for you to input your keywords and monitor the progress. Rank Math is my seo plugin of choice because it automatically includes schema markup which is one of the more recent innovations in seo. I will train you on how to input your keywords and use its easy system to optimise your on-page seo.

    I will set up your Google Analytics and Google Search Console and link this all to Rank Math which gives you even more power to monitor and continually improve your seo.
    There are a bunch of other considerations which contribute to good seo and you can read about them in this blog article.

    Do you write the content for my website?

    I am excellent at many things – web design, development, project management being a few -, but unfortunately writing copy is not my strongest skill. So, I will not be writing your written words for you. I will however, create a content plan for you that will guide you on the recommended content you should have on each page. All you have to do then, is write it! I provide the blueprint, you write the words.

    If you want to be exceptionally clever, then I always recommend to my clients that they engage a copywriter if possible. Having well written copy on your website, that speaks to your potential customers goes a long way towards brand consistency, professionalism, trust and ultimately getting your customers to buy from you.

    Can you link to my emarketing provider?

    Yes, I can link your subscriber form to your emarketing provider.

    I have no idea how to get access to my domain. Can you sort that for me?
    Yes I can help you with that. I’ve had many clients who weren’t quite sure where their domain was or how to get access to it. Whether you want to keep your domain with its current host or switch to a new one, or even transfer the domain ownership, I can help you with all these things.

    What if I don’t have photos?

    It is challenging to build an engaging website without photos and my first recommendation would be to invest in a branding photoshoot with a good photographer. You will end up with a heap of professional photos that reflect your brand, that you can use on the website and in your social media.
    I try to avoid using stock photos of people at all costs as it’s almost always immediately noticeable whereas, having authentic imagery of you and your business gives a sense of trust that you just can’t get with stock photos.

    How long will it take?

    It depends on what my production schedule is like at the time of signing up and we’ll chat throug this in our discovery call. The length of time will also depend on how quickly you can get your content organised and this sometimes involves organising a photo shoot or engaging a copy writer.

    What’s a plugin?

    A plugin is simply a piece of software that has been built (coded) to work with the WordPress system. Each plugin is created to do a specific thing or set of things. WordPress is a robust framework upon which to build a website, but it can’t do everything out of the box. No website platform can because everyone has different needs.

    Book a free 15 minute discovery call with me to see if we’re a good fit. I’m happy to answer your questions.


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