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is a small business created by Amanda Kapiteyn, a former project and account manager, turned WordPress developer. After working in a few digital agencies, she realised she wanted to help businesses get a website online in a much simpler way. Surely she could sit down with a client, find out what they need and then build it for them. She wanted to bypass the team of account manager, project manager, designer and developer which more often than not, involved a whole lot of juggling communication trails and too much back and forth. Shaving down the (sometimes) bloated agency rates couldn’t hurt either.

With an already strong interest in all things technology, Amanda dove into a front end coding course with Codemaster Institute, learned everything she could about WordPress and bolted all that onto her experience running web projects, building rapport with clients and her knowledge of hosting and domains, and voila, Swell Digital Space was born.

Because inhabiting the digital space shouldn’t be complex. It should be simple, accessible and functional.

It should be swell.

Why Choose Swell?

Because I value the process as well as the outcome. It’s not enough to just slap a template together for a client and send them on their way.

The gathering information and planning phase of every project is important in order to get the right balance of good website design that will prioritise content, whilst also ensuring the user experience is the best it can be.

These are just some of the building blocks that not only make up a good website, but also make for an enjoyable client experience.


Structure is incredibly important for accessibility, user experience, seo and content context. We will get it right for you. 

Design Vs Content

You need a website that looks great, but without sacrificing content. They are both important and we can get the right balance for you. 

Benefit of Experience

With experience working as a project manager in boutique digital agencies, you get someone who can build your website AND manage the project from start to finish. 

User Experience

User Experience is vital to the success of your digital presence. You want your website to look great, but if a user can’t find your service’s page then they’ll go elsewhere. Websites must provide an enjoyable and logical experience for users. Even better, Google rewards good user experience.


There is no point in having a good website if no one can find you. I install the Yoast plugin on all websites because it gives the best grounding for you to build your seo strategy. Need the basics on keyword research, writing good copy and preparing meta descriptions? I can advise you when preparing your content.

Customer Service

We provide an excellent service to our customers and it’s super important to us. We don’t just espouse platitudes, we really do listen to our customers and come up with a solution that will work. We enjoy chatting with people and building rapport. Connecting with people is the foundation of good business.


Accessibility is important so that everyone can access the information on your website. Is the website accessible to people of differing levels of ability? Will screen reader software work on your site for people who are blind? Do you know which level of the WCA Guidelines your website meets? 

Hosting & Domain

If you already have a domain and a hosting provider, that’s great. But hosting and domains can be a tricky mess if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you need some input as to how to proceed, then I am happy to chat to you about your needs.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Kapiteyn

Amanda Kapiteyn

Amanda loves good digital design and great user experience. Her mission is to improve usability and get customers loving your website and staying on your website.

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Swell Digital Space provides website design and development services, with a focus on user experience and content.

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Located in Perth, Western Australia

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